Your students can learn to read.

Ready to use lessons for kindergarten & 1st grade teachers.

Save Time

Build Confidence

Get Results

Many children start school already behind.

Having students enter your class already struggling to read is stressful.
You can change that.

Take control of your student’s learning.

Get your time back

Ditch the afterschool and evening planning when you grab this ready to use curriculum.

Build confidence

Using the ready to use, research based lessons, you will know you are teaching the exact skills your students need.

Get results

Impress everyone when you end the year with all students reading.


The beginning of every year is a fresh start. We get a new group of students that we get to teach how to read.

But what happens when no matter how much effort we put into planning and teaching we still have students that struggle to read? Cue the thoughts of self doubt.

I want to put your mind at ease. As a literacy expert, I have helped thousands of teachers teach students the early literacy skills needed to become readers and I can help you too.

How It Works

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With students falling behind in early literacy skills during the pandemic, reading gaps are growing wider and wider, yet expectations remain the same.

With the Foundational Skills Mastery Units, you’ll hit the ground running by providing lessons beginning day one without the never ending prep, adding hours to your day.