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How to Teach Letter Recognition

If you are wondering how to teacher letter recognition to your students, then you are in the right spot! Keep on reading because we are going to be learning all about exactly what to do and I’m going to share 5 tips for teaching the alphabet and letter recognition to your kids. Let’s dive in! […]

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How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading

As educators, we always have students who struggle, but often times wonder how to help a child struggling with reading.  The question then arises, what is the best way to help a struggling reader? There are countless articles and research done on the best practices to help children with reading. However, how do you know […]

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3 Tips to Prevent Reading Failure – Reading Interventions for Struggling Readers

Preventing reading failure requires we provide reading interventions for struggling readers as early as possible. When I first was learning about how students learn to read, I was shocked to hear students who struggle with learning to read rarely ever catch up without intensive, expensive intervention. Studies show children who struggle in first grade with […]

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What is Phonological Awareness?

If you’re a teacher or parent that has been working on bringing your struggling readers up to grade level, phonological awareness will be of some help to you. Often times, phonological awareness seems to be a bit of a mystery… or it may be confused with phonemic awareness and phonics. Lots of times people ask, […]

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How to Teach Kids to Read: 4 Areas Every Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher Needs to Teach to Mastery

How to teach kids to read should be the number one priority for kindergarten and first grade teachers. These two grades are the years we must ensure our students learn the reading foundational skills. Mastering these skills will set them on a path to success. ​Research shows there are 5 pillars of reading that students […]

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